Announcement on Federal Bureau of Investigation director not for now: WH

Cheryl Sanders
May 20, 2017

The FBI needs a new director because Trump fired James Comey last week in an unexpected move that drew criticism from Republicans and Democrats, coming as it did amid the FBI's investigation of Russian influence in the presidential election, including possible coordination with Trump campaign associates. And asked if Lieberman, the Democrat-turned-independent senator from CT was his top pick, Trump said yes. Lieberman reportedly met with the president and acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe on Wednesday.

The Trump administration asserted that the United States president and "the rest of the FBI" had lost confidence in Comey over the last few months and in the past year with his poor handling of the investigation into the Hillary Clinton private server and email scandal. Some expected him to make the announcement before he left for his first overseas trip as president to Saudi Arabia Friday.

A November 25 news release from Trump's transition team quoted Lieberman praising Trump's selection of K.T. McFarland as deputy national security adviser.

The FBI will provide the investigative muscle for the new special counsel named Wednesday to oversee the probe into Trump campaign figures' dealings with Russian Federation.

Also, some Democrats are skeptical about Lieberman's independence from Trump given that the two are now in an attorney-client relationship.

But Lieberman, 75, is not necessarily popular with Democrats.

The naming of the special counsel has appeased some Democrats, who were threatening to try to block any Federal Bureau of Investigation director until such a move was made. And he confirmed it could be Joe Lieberman.

Comey's abrupt firing came as a shock last week, with competing explanations from the White House and the president as to what spurred the dismissal.

In his 2000 vice presidential run, Lieberman was the first Jewish person to run on a major party ticket in a presidential race.

Joe Lieberman may have a reputation that can help Donald Trump out of a jam - but he also may have a conflict of interest that gets in the way, namely his work for a Trump-connected law firm.

In order to keep his senate seat in 2006, Lieberman chose to run as an Independent under the "Connecticut for Lieberman" party label. He also backed Republican Sen.

Among their concerns was Mr Lieberman's past praise of Mr Michael Flynn, Mr Trump's first national security adviser, who was sacked in February after misleading officials about his conversations with Russian officials.

Former Sen. Joe Lieberman has managed in the course of a long political career to offend Democrats, Republicans and those across the political spectrum. He did not seek re-election in 2012.

"I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go", Trump told Comey, according to a memo Comey wrote at the time, excerpts of which leaked to reporters on Tuesday.

The Senate must confirm Mr Trump's candidate for the job.

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