Aaron Judge stuns Yankees fans after interviewing them in disguise

Ross Houston
May 17, 2017

One guy even said that "Adam Judge" was his favorite player. There were quite a few moments where there was a little awkward silence, but they did a great job on it.

"I can see it", one fan said.

"People say I kind of look like him, " Judge told the fan while holding a photo of himself in a Yankees uniform.

"I thought it was great. the whole thing", Yankees left fielder Brett Gardner said.

In one exchange, a male fan mentioned Judge's home run total. "It was the gap".

Like, I can not believe that these self-avowed Yankees fans lacked the facial recognition skills to realize they were talking to Aaron Judge.

Aaron Judge said the Tonight Show skit turned out better than he thought because he is not a comedian or an interviewer. So, fresh off another Yankee's recent appearance, Jimmy Fallon and the writers at "The Tonight Show" made a decision to have a little fun with him.

Fan: Yeah. He can't keep up this pace, I don't think.

Judge enjoyed all the reactions, particularly that of a woman who mentioned the "exciting" Judge helping to lead the Yanks' youth movement.

For anyone who ever thought it far fetched that Superman could hide his identity by just putting on glasses as Clark Kent, the Yankees' newest superhero proved it's not as unrealistic as it might seem.

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