A State of Mind: Mental Health and the London Marathon

A State of Mind: Mental Health and the London Marathon

Carla Harmon
May 3, 2017

The conversation is part of their Heads Together campaign to prioritize mental health and end stigma around seeking help for mental health issues. "I always thought, what's the point of bringing up something that's only going to make you sad?" It ain't going to change it. Kate Middleton, Prince William, and Prince Harry all showed up to the 2017 race to encourage the runners, giving out water, hugs, and support to the athletes. "You are uniquely bonded because of what we've been through".

Many in the field of almost 40,000 stopped for handshakes, high fives and selfies - and gratefully took water from the royals, whose Heads Together organization is the chosen charity of the marathon. When the subject of losing a parent was brought up, Kate praised her husband and brother-in-law for the strength they showed as children during such a traumatic time.

"We have been brought closer as a result of the circumstances as well", Prince William says.

That's what Princes William and Harry and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge were hoping for yesterday when they joined crowds to wave on athletes at the gruelling run.

"I know there's huge merit in talking about your issues and the only thing about keeping it quiet, it's only ever going to make it worse - not just for you but everybody else around you as well - because you become a problem and I, through a lot of my 20s, was a problem and I didn't know how to deal with it", the prince said.

"You always said to me, you said you gotta sit down and think about those memories, but for me it was like, don't want to think about it", Harry said. "When you speak to other people's families and little kids and stuff, you think, 'Wow!"

One thus discovers the royal trio installed in the gardens of the palace of Kensington to engage on subjects very personal, forgetting nearly the presence of the cameras. The Duke and Duchess and Prince Harry are incredibly grateful to everyone who has shared their stories in recent weeks.

The Duchess said it's important to start a "simple conversation" surrounding mental health.

In response to the film, Paul Farmer, chief executive of Mind, said: "This is a defining moment for mental health". It reminds us that they're just normal people like us (well, kind of).

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