Windows 10 Creators Update Rolls Out For Free

Yolanda Curtis
April 19, 2017

Is Windows Vista removed completely by Microsoft? . Inside this section you can adjust and toggle; the Game Bar, Game DVR, Broadcasting, and Game Mode.

The Creators Update also brings improvements to Windows 10's Start menu. As the name recommends, it is a 3D form of Microsoft's inherent Paint application, and it is absolutely modified and innovative. Named Night Light, you can permit Windows 10 to lessen blue light from a screen under low light or at a particular time at night. (Note: the "Windows Update" section is also handy for showing you updates that are now being downloaded or applied.) Under "Advanced Options", just make sure the drop down box is set to "Automatic". You can do that in Microsoft Edge too, from the Emulation tab in Developer Tools.

Microsoft's Creators Update for Windows 10 is built with 3D support in mind.

It is worth noting that only an administrator can choose these settings, and those choices will apply to all accounts. (It treats Windows 10 as a service, but Windows 10 is a big legacy codebase, not a service.) "The great news is you usually don't have to do anything: updates automatically download and install whenever they're available".

Another big change in the Creators Update is the streamlining of the telemetry data that is now being collected in Windows 10's "Feedback & diagnostics" section.

Similar to Twitch, gamers can now live-stream and broadcast their play sessions quickly via Microsoft's newly acquired video-gaming service Beam.

That's the first reason to do a Windows 10 upgrade right away, because it will reduce - not eliminate, mind you - the probability of your system being compromised and you data being stolen. It's pretty basic, but you've learned how to get started with Paint 3D. Or have you simply ditched Windows? Downloading the file manually is also useful for those who have multiple Windows 10 PC devices and have limited bandwidth.

Windows 10 Creators Update is set to ship on April 11.

If you are running Creators Update on a touchscreen PC or tablet, you gain access to the new Windows Ink technology.

In terms of better security, Windows 10 Creators Update will deliver the Dynamic Lock feature. Unfortunately, that is exactly the kind of person hackers are always looking to attack - people who use simple passwords, repeat passwords for multiple accounts, fail to update their systems regularly and are generally lax about cybersecurity. Edge will also support e-books as well as 360-degree video support. And, when you want to open the tabs click the "Tabs you have set aside" icon.

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