West Fargo teacher placed on leave

Carla Harmon
April 11, 2017

Sheridan Tihista is a teacher at Liberty Middle School and a former Miss Montana.

In one post, she showed a text exchange with someone asking for "attention" for Christmas, adding the comment 'Basically all my students'.

Sheridan Tihista, 2013's Miss Montana victor and now a middle school special education teacher in West Fargo, North Dakota, was stung Friday by a group of "concerned parents" who mailed over 20 pages of her printed tweets to a local news outlet and school officials.

"Writing a research paper about parenting struggles of kids with autism and instead of writing "mothers" I wrote "monsters" #samething", she tweeted last week.

An anonymous group of self-described concerned parents sent a packet of printed-out Twitter posts to media and school officials late last week, including more than 20 pages of tweets from Tihista reported WDAY News.

The Daily Dot reports that Sheridan called a student a "psychopath,"called the parents of her students "monsters" and said teaching students with autism is easy because "we loooove routines!"

She also tweeted about her interactions with students, in many cases dismissively.

Sheridan has acknowledged these tweets, according to WDAY 6, a local ABC affiliate, . Tihista shut down her Twitter account Friday. But on Friday, April 7, she briefly made it private, only allowing approved followers to view her posts.

In 2013, she supported inclusion education for students with disabilities when she won the crown as Miss Montana.

A district spokeswoman told WDAY that officials would review the material and discuss it with Tihista, who teaches at Liberty Middle School, before deciding whether disciplinary action is warranted.

Tihista previously made headlines when she claimed she had been bullied out of her sorority at Minnesota State University Moorhead. They have made a decision to review the material and then discuss disciplinary action for Tihista.

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