Uber's PR head resigns amid tumultuous time for company

Andrew Cummings
April 12, 2017

She was apparently fed up of "drama", having worked at Google for 10 years previously.

"I am incredibly proud of the team that we've built", Whetstone said in a written statement while making herself unavailable for comment. She says that love has not waned even today; it's as strong as the first day she hailed her first Uber ride. "It was not clear whether her departure was linked to the fallout from that scandal".

Chief executive Travis Kalanick confirmed Rachel Whetstone's departure on Tuesday in an email which was sent to all its staff. The person who was handling policy and communications during a crisis involving both company policy and public communications heading out the door abruptly?

Uber founder Travis Kalanick stated that she was leaving "amicably and of her own volition" but that doesn't really help the fact that she is leaving on short notice and the public perception that move could bring.

There have been many triggers for conflict lately.

Uber has been plagued by a series of controversies this year.

According to Whetstone, she joined the company out of affection for Uber's ride-hailing service. According to Recode, Whetstone was exhausted of the drama but investors have also been complaining about the bad press that Uber receives. To recap: there was the former employee Susan Fowler who described sexism in the company in a blogpost that rocked social media; Kalanick joined then left Donald Trump's economic advisory council; stories of Uber executives at an escort-karaoke bar in South Korea; and Uber President Jeff Jones resigned in March. "But that is not, as I wrote last week, Whetstone's fault".

Before that, Uber lost a handful of executives, including Amit Singhal, senior vice president of engineering, and Ed Baker, vice president of product and growth.

Uber has faced fierce calls for people to boycott the company and make changes to its senior management, especially after a female former Uber engineer published a bitter blog post in February, describing Uber as a workplace where sexual harassment was common. "The probe, led by former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, is relying in part on tip-lines where employees can relate their tales anonymously", Guynn reports. Her allegations were high, and the morale of the company as said is low for now.

Our seat belts are fastened.

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