Trump 'seriously considering' moving United States embassy to Jerusalem

Ross Houston
April 7, 2017

He said, "If the world knows nothing else, the world will know this, America stands with Israel!"

Talking at the annual Policy Conference of the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), Haley said that she and the USA government would block the appointment of any Palestinian diplomat to what she described as one of the highest positions that had ever been offered to a PA official at the UN.

"This is our solemn promise to you, to Israel, and to the world".

"The US will no longer allow the United Nations to be used as a forum for invective against Israel or the West", the vice president added. Worldwide law views the West Bank and east Jerusalem as "occupied territories" and considers all Jewish settlement-building activity on the land as illegal.

He also congratulated Trump's lawyer, David Friedman, as he was approved by the Senate to be the U.S. ambassador to Israel. Friedman also supports moving the embassy to Jerusalem.

The son of an Orthodox rabbi, Friedman - who has with no previous political experience - has been called an "impassioned advocate" for strong US-Israeli ties and previously accused Barack Obama of "anti-Semitism". And as it has under past presidents, Washington is still telling Israel to slow settlement construction.

The statement by Vice President Pence comes just a day after Iran introduced sanctions against 15 U.S. companies for their alleged backing of Israel and for what the Iranian Foreign Ministry branded as "brutal atrocities" committed against Palestinians.

In the opening days of the conference, Israeli leaders hoping Trump would be a rubber stamp for the Jewish state heard plenty of reassuring rhetoric.

Netanyahu did not mention his government's thus-far-unsuccessful efforts to reach an understanding with the White House about settlement-building in Palestinian territories, following Trump's statement that he'd like to see Israel pull back. He avoided any reference to the issue of illegal settlements, which Trump raised before their first meeting last month.

"President Donald Trump is a man of his word, and he's a man of action". However, Pence reassured attendees that the administration is invested in finding an "equitable and just solution" to the conflict.

That commitment included a policy of confronting the Iranian regime.

"We are kicking by number one, putting everybody on notice". In addition, diplomatic attacks on Israel won't be tolerated.

Though Trump in the campaign said he'd renegotiate or dismantle the Iran nuclear deal, which Israel fiercely opposes, as president he's continuing to implement the accord while examining whether it should stand and hitting Iran with other, non-nuclear sanctions.

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