Russian Federation responsible for Syria chemical attack, UK Defence Secretary Michael Fallon says

Pablo Tucker
April 10, 2017

The image first appeared as the 'Putin is a gay clown' meme in 2013, after the Russian government introduced the controversial 'gay propoganda' law.

USA secretary of state Rex Tillerson will go ahead with his visit this week to deliver a "clear and co-ordinated" message to the Kremlin.

The US officials said Russian commanders in Syria were informed of the strike beforehand in order to avoid casualties that could prompt a broader crisis.

U.S. ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley threatened that her country may take unilateral action if the UN Security Council failed to respond.

The Kremlin is Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's most powerful ally and has provided the military might behind his continuing grip on the country, which plunged into civil war six years ago.

Syria's military said seven people were killed and several wounded.

Washington's tough line with the Kremlin over the weekend suggests the US missile strike against a Syrian air base last week marked a larger turn toward a confrontational approach to dealing with Mr. Putin.

"And it started so well, what a shame", he wrote on Facebook Friday.

The regional alliance said the United States cruise missile strikes will not deter their forces from "liberating" all of Syrian territory.

"It crossed a lot of lines for me".

"This move by Washington has dealt a serious blow to Russian-US relations, which are already in a poor state".

Moscow has said it doesn't believe Assad's forces carried out the attack on Thursday that involved children and called for a "thorough and impartial" investigation.

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"(This) implies a degree of tacit Russian consent to the strikes", Chance said.

The comments represented a departure from what Haley had said before the USA hit a Syrian airbase with 59 Tomahawk missiles on Thursday in retaliation for what it said was a chemical weapons attack by Assad's forces on Syrian civilians.

Russian Federation has attempted to negotiate ceasefires in Syria, and in January began withdrawing some military forces from the conflict area.

Neither the Tver court's ruling nor the Justice Ministry designation indicates whether the photograph of Putin or the caption was the determining factor in deeming the image illegal.

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