Mercedes Concept A Sedan to take on the BMW 1 Series Sedan

Yolanda Curtis
April 19, 2017

"With its flawless proportions and a sensual treatment of surfaces with reduced lines, it is the next milestone of "Sensual Purity" and has the potential to introduce a new design era", added Gorden Wagener, chief design officer Daimler AG.

Further advances for the S-class saloon include an upgraded version Mercedes-Benz's Magic Body Control system featuring the Curve function that tilts the body by almost 3.0 degrees in corners - as already offered by the S-class Coupe.

The new S-Class should land in Australia by the end of this year. The striking new look will be shared across the new A-Class lineup as well as other new Mercedes models, including the successor to today's second-generation CLS due later this year.

Reports say that the Mercedes A-Class sedan will come in a special long-wheelbase guise for China. The extensively updated Mercedes-Benz flagship fulfils this claim with a raft of new features such as completely redesigned engines, and with innovations like driver assistance systems with substantially expanded functionality. The new S-Class will have the Pre-Safe Impulse Side and Pre-Safe Sound features which have been introduced on the E-Class model.

Thanks to something called Energizing Comfort Control, this auto can change your mood for the better making you feel fresher, warmer, joyful, comfortable or vitalized, depending on the setting.

Mercedes Benz have unveiled the 2018 Mercedes Benz S Class, the vehicle has had a number of updates over the existing model.

Finally there is a lavish new option that elevates the S-Class experience even further.

ENERGIZING comfort control marks the arrival of a world first. The new "Energising Comfort" system can control ambient lighting, music, climate control and seat functions to suit the driver's preferences, while 10-minute programs include Freshness, Warmth and Training. The curve-tilting module tilts the inside of the of the turn by up to 2.65 degrees and thereby reduces the centrifugal forces perceived by the passengers. The concept auto also comes with a panoramic glass roof. The extra energy will be used to power not only the water pump and air-conditioning compressor, but also an Integrated Starter Alternator and an electric supercharger in the case of the more powerful engine version. The Mercedes Maybach facelift is also powered by the same 6.0 liter V12. The two displays are now under one shared glass cover offering a wide-screen cockpit. We got a sneak peek at the new S-Class in NY, ahead of its official debut, and the most noticeable changes are on the inside, where the S-Class gets an interior redesign similar to that of the latest-generation E-Class. Most of which debuted on the E-Class past year.

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