Fireball caught on camera streaking across sky

Henrietta Brewer
April 12, 2017

At right, a woman is startled by the celestial object in a reaction caught on video.

She is visibly shocked by the meteor, proceeding to ask those watching "Did you guys see that?" repeatedly in her surprise.

Demi was live-streaming via YouNow in her backyard in Chula Vista, casually chatting about various dating sites with her dozens of followers, when she was "videobombed" by a bright green flash in the sky.

The American Meteor Society has so far received more than 300 reports from witnesses, of what they have labelled a fireball event.

Most were from San Diego, but people from Los Angeles, Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico also reported seeing something. "I was in my backyard with my viewers for the sunset, I chose to stay on a little bit longer and I guess the right place at the right time", she said.

"I see this light. It was so bright".

DaleDemi has since commented that the moment was her "death sighting", and that immediately after she thought the flash of light "was coming at [her]".

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