Facebook wants to see everything you see

Yolanda Curtis
April 23, 2017

Zuckerberg said the mainstream augmented reality platform of the future is not a headset or glasses, but within a smartphone.

Zuckerberg says in the future, thousands of AR effects in Facebook Stories will be added for users to enjoy.

Another area of VR interest that's been getting more focus in the last couple of years is the idea that people could meet up in the virtual world.

Facebook is developing a mind-reading system to let people communicate through their thoughts alone, its founder Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed. The Camera Effects platform is created to be compatible with future augmented reality hardware, such as eyeglasses but in the meantime the effects will be available inside Facebook's Camera feature on smartphones.

Zuckerberg instead devoted the bulk of his Californian keynote yesterday (18 April) to augmented reality (AR), which he described as Facebook's second act.

Facebook acquired Oculus Rift for a whopping $2 billion in 2014 at a time when virtual reality and augmented reality were really starting to become popular.

Zuckerberg, addressing developers at Facebook's F8 summit, said the camera would play a larger role in the interaction between members of the social network and encouraged developers to concentrate on broadening the capabilities of photography through new apps.

Facebook has announced a new way to connect with your friends in VR called Facebook Spaces and it is launching in beta on the Ocolus Rift and Touch.

New integrations with Facebook's Workplace offering are also aimed at making it easier for users to collaborate using third-party applications such as Microsoft Office, Box, or Salesforce.

"It's actually pretty awesome when you think about how much of the physical stuff we have doesn't need to be physical", he said.

Facebook Spaces, its new VR app, lets you chat with friends in a 3D virtual environment. The new functionality is now in beta for Rift users. Together with a powerful PC required to access the VR world, it costs around $1,600, as well as a requirement that the Facebook friends you invite must also own an Oculus gear.

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