Delta's national turmoil has modest impact in Minnesota

Andrew Cummings
April 12, 2017

Delta Air Lines was still playing catch-up on Sunday in Los Angeles and across the country after days of severe thunderstorms caused big disruptions at its hub airport in Atlanta.

The thunderstorm hit Wednesday, but canceled flights and long lines in Atlanta continued today.

The No. 2 United States airline said it had canceled around 3,000 flights in the wake of Wednesday's storms that left passengers stranded and frustrated during one of the busiest travel weeks of the year. "We, as always, learn from these experiences". Delta rescheduled them on a flight for Saturday, but then that flight was canceled. Tampa International Airport managed to avoid the brunt of it Friday with 95 delays and 34 canceled flights as of 4 p.m.

Delta said last afternoon that its operations are stabilising, but there aren't enough crews available to staff its flights, in part because of federal regulations on rest for crews.

But West also acknowledged that the airline's recovery effort has not been "ideal" and apologized to customers.

Typically before an expected snowstorm, Delta and other airlines can cancel flights a day or more in advance of the weather threat.

Mid-week storms that have been described as unprecedented in Atlanta have caused as many as 3,000 Delta cancellations.

The airline said it is still getting planes and crews back in position for flights.

According to the Detroit News, Atlanta is Delta's busiest airport, as 60% of its flights travel there on a given day.

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