A Look Inside Don Rickles' Childhood Apartment

A Look Inside Don Rickles' Childhood Apartment

Carla Harmon
April 19, 2017

Don Rickles's publicist, Paul Shefrin stated that the death of 90-year-old comedian was caused by kidney failure.

Rickles became a regular on late-night talk shows, especially The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, as well as his forte: televised celebrity roasts.

'But we lost someone that we and I love very much today, ' he said, only hours after learning of Rickles's death.

Kimmel then divulged that it took him four years to convince the "Toy Story" star to come on his show. "He'd always say, 'Keep my name alive, ' he'd tell me to keep his name alive, which I thought was amusing, you know, because, 'You're Don Rickles!".

Rickles added, in seriousness, "My service days taught me great deal".

Rickles, throughout his career that spanned decades, often appeared on late-night television shows and also headlined nightclubs and casino shows in Las Vegas.

Kimmel reminisced about a dinner party he enjoyed with Rickles once at Mario Batali's Los Angeles restaurant Mozza. I was lucky to know him.

Throughout his monologue, Kimmel paused as he choked up and fought back tears while sharing some of his personal memories with the famous insult comedian.

Even though Colbert didn't know him personally, he said it was an "incredible honor" to have met Rickles backstage at the 2008 Emmy Awards when they were competing for the same award.

It is with great sympathies that we share our condolences to Don Rickles' family, friends and fans.

Kimmel wasn't the only late-night host to pay his respects to the comic legend.

TV execs tried to cash in on his popularity with "The Don Rickles Show" in 1972 but it was short-lived.

Comedian and actor Rob Brydon tweeted: "Terribly saddened to hear that the wonderful Don Rickles has passed away". "He would come here and make fun of me, Guillermo, the band, the audience, the guy who put a microphone on him, he's make fun of the vegetable platter in his dressing room". While he started with standard patter, he was quick with comebacks to hecklers and found that his retorts got the bigger laughs, so he incorporated insults into his act.

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