Woman escapes after being kidnapped, robbed in Alabama

Cheryl Sanders
March 21, 2017

Nursing student Diggs said that she had been kidnapped at gunpoint by the man, who made her drive her auto to Birmingham and threatened her life if she didn't empty her bank accounts and ATM card for him. Smartly using the light on her insulin pump to find that release, she pulled it just after her kidnapper returned to the vehicle, and just before he exited the parking lot. "So I got the bright idea to use my insulin pump light". Shelton says he demanded money, and when she told him she didn't have any, he forced her into the back of her vehicle.

"He was, like, since you don't have any money, you're going to help me get money", Diggs told "Today". With the help of her insulin pump, she was able to find the lever, jump out and save her life!

Alsabah says that the woman had been cut during her abduction and that a relative brought her to get checked out by medical staff. She then bolted into the gas station and frantically asked for help.

Still, she pulled the latch and tumbled out of the trunk, a harrowing escape that was caught on the gas station's security cameras. At one point, which can be seen on the video, the panicked woman even held onto Alsabah's shotgun, though he tried to tell her she was safe. When that plan failed, out of growing desperation, he forced her into the trunk and made several more stops trying to obtain quick cash using her ATM card.

Her abductor is still at large.

"I'm holding the latch ... waiting for him to get back in the vehicle".

'The whole time he's driving, he's, like, just, he's yelling at me from the front seat, "You're lying".

A woman who was robbed, kidnapped and locked in the trunk of her auto for hours by an assailant before making a daring escape has spoken out about the terrifying experience.

That's when Diggs managed to fling the trunk open and "flopped out", in her own words. This is the best photo they have captured of the man, who police say got away with roughly $100.

'I try to put it in the back of my head so I can just get through the day, but that was the scariest thing that I've had to do.

The suspect eventually left, but as he drove away, surveillance video shows the trunk pop open and the woman roll out onto the ground before dashing inside. Brittany jumped with nothing to lose but also nothing to come back.

The store owner took the gun from her and assured her the man was not coming back. She thanks you in advance!

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