Washington Attorney General Will Take on Trump's New Travel Ban, Too

Cheryl Sanders
March 10, 2017

Hawaii has become the first U.S. state to file suit against President Donald Trump's amended travel order banning entry of people from six mainly Muslim countries and suspending refugee resettlement.

On Wednesday, US District Judge Derrick Watson, a federal judge in Honolulu, Hawaii, said the state can move forward with filing what would be the first lawsuit challenging Trump's revised travel ban.

Mr. Trump's original orders temporarily blocked citizens of Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Syria and Libya from coming to the United States and put on hold the us refugee program.

Like the first order, which Trump signed on 27 January, the revised policy bars citizens of Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen from the United States for 90 days.

Refugees are still halted from entering the country for 120 days, but the new order removed an indefinite ban on all refugees from Syria.

The revisions include explicit exemptions for legal permanent residents or existing visa holders and waivers are allowed on a case-by-case basis for some business, diplomatic and other travelers.

When Trump signed the first executive order January 27, many states joined the legal battle against the ban.

A federal judge will hold a hearing on Hawaii's lawsuit on March 15 - the day before the new ban takes effect.

Can Trump's new order be stopped like the last one?

Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson will announce his decision on potential action regarding President Donald Trump's latest travel ban. Washington state argued that the revised order violates the constitution "by disfavoring Islam".

"My message to President Trump is - not so fast", Ferguson told reporters on Thursday. The 90-day period applies only to people from the six countries on the new list seeking fresh USA visas.

Ferguson said the states of OR and NY would join his challenge.

Mr Trump's first order sparked a legal, political and logistical furore.

Donald Trump who is in second month of his presidency has realised the importance of consultation and so this time, legislators were apprised of the order before it came into force. Trump's first list was under pressure from the State Department and the Defense Department for including Iraq because of the close cooperation between Washington and Baghdad in battling ISIS.

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