Trump's ed budget: A 'betrayal' and a 'meat cleaver' to public education

Cheryl Sanders
March 20, 2017

Lastly, eliminating funding for the Corporation for National and Community Service would destroy the AmeriCorps program, which now enables 80,000 young Americans to support natural disaster relief, provide education and social services to low-income youth and elderly people, and help local communities solve pressing issues such as hunger and poverty.

The decision to appoint DeVos to this post signifies a serious attack on public education. A 2015 meta-analysis published in the Journal of Youth and Adolescence looked at after-school programs and their impact on at-risk and minority children.

I wondered what other Christians thought, if indeed any had written in Christian publications in support of public education.

"The president's strategy is clear: Starve our public schools, blame educators for not delivering, and fund alternatives under the disguise of 'choice.' Students and communities will suffer as a result".

Trump's philosophy seems to be, "If you break it, they will come to private and charter schools" - "it" in this scenario being the traditional public school system.

I appreciate having Ramirez in the American public school corner. If veterans' financial aid is added to that of Title IV, taxpayer dollars can subsidize even more than 90 percent of for-profit revenues. If a child is homeless, the county provides transportation services from the shelter to the school, making sure to protect that child's privacy. However, denying DeVos access to public schools will only cause more damage to our public school system. They note that killing this program will "save $732 million". Further, ending Health Profession Opportunity Grants (HPOG), which build career pathways for low-skill adults into critical health care careers, would prevent many low-income adults from upgrading their skills and disrupt the pipeline of skilled workers needed by the long-term care and hospital industries. Taking funding away from this population to give to families who want something else is unfair. The children who have no choice? I will never forget the loving care I received from the staff at the after-school centers I attended.

What kind of public school would they have? "She reassured me that the state, local districts and school boards will retain their important role in administering our schools and determining our students' curriculum".

Things are looking up for school vouchers. More than 130 of the students, most of whom live in low income household, are part of an after school program called Wings for kids.

A $168 million increase for charter schools, $250 million for a new private school choice program, and a $1 billion increase for Title I, dedicated to encouraging districts to adopt a system of student- based budgeting and open enrollment that enables Federal, State, and local funding to follow the student to the public school of his or her choice.

Bipartisan legislation recently introduced by U.S. Reps. It took $40 million of corporate welfare to get him to agree to filling a $20 million gap in local education funding for next year. It's only when she gets in those buildings that she will begin to see the great work public school teachers and other education personnel are doing every day to prepare our students for the future.

Yet this is the program HR 610 would require all states to implement.

Trump's budget would also cut funding for the Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Program (GEAR UP) from its current $322.8 million level of funding to $219 million. That action also meant that none of ACICS' 240 institutions would have access to federal funds - including the 17 institutions that have been sued by either state or federal officials for defrauding students and other deceptive practices. "We now have the opportunity to break this vicious cycle that is so costly to students and taxpayers".

In the letter, Rivera urged DeVos to consider how the proposed cuts would impact students and schools, citing the need to protect Pennsylvania's investment in its schools and students.

"Given both Mr. Hansen's and and Mr. Eitel's extensive - and recent - activity as lobbyists with or compliance officers for for-profit colleges, I have concerns about whether they would be able to advise you in an objective fashion on higher education matters", Warren wrote DeVos.

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