Senate sends Bevin bills on Planned Parenthood, coal fields fund

Cheryl Sanders
March 10, 2017

She said that she had no problem with the proposal because her opposition to Planned Parenthood lies with its abortion work.

"Millions and millions of women - cervical cancer, breast cancer - are helped by Planned Parenthood", Trump said during a debate last February. Other than Planned Parenthood's pledges it doesn't directly use federal dollars on abortions, there's no evidence to suggest taxpayer monies aren't what's paying a clinician's salary or maintaining an abortion room.

She said 10,000 people in Louisiana benefit from a menu of health services provided by Planned Parenthood.

"We are not the federal government, nor do we have the resources of the federal government", he said. Collins is the only surviving Republican senator to have voted against the "dry run" Obamacare-repeal legislation of 2015 (subsequently vetoed by President Obama) on grounds of its Planned Parenthood provisions.

The president said they work closely with community health centers who have told them they can not absorb patients from Planned Parenthood.

Because of the discriminatory Hyde Amendment, federal dollars did not go towards abortion services before this bill, and they won't after.

A new study from Child Trends commissioned by the Planned Parenthood Action Fund found that if every in the United States had access to the most effective birth control possible, it could save as much as $12 billion a year in health care costs. A 2016 report notes that three-quarters of Planned Parenthood patients have incomes at or below the federal poverty level, and "approximately 60 percent of Planned Parenthood patients access care through the Medicaid program and/or the Title X family planning program". "A lot of people go the Planned Parenthood for just one reason - The flu shot". They were given a choice to discontinue abortions and receive the funds, or do without if they continue. However, she said that if Planned Parenthood were no longer an option for some patients, her network of clinics will try to meet the need.

Yet opponents of women's health in Congress continue to play politics with women's health.

According to the New York Times, Trump's informal proposal came as a result of his concerns about potential "political repercussions" over House Republicans' efforts to strip Planned Parenthood of its funding.

"We have been around for 93 years in CT and we are going to be around for another 100", Tabar said. The patients who use these providers literally have nowhere else to turn.

Other aspects of the House bill to unravel the Affordable Care Act could impact people who get insurance on the exchange or through Medicaid.

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