Power Rangers features first openly gay screen superhero

Carla Harmon
March 20, 2017

The film's director calls it a "pivotal" moment.

As the titular heros get to know each other, one character assumes the Yellow Ranger is having "boyfriend problems", but soon realizes that she might actually be having "girlfriend problems".

Director Dean Isrealite explained the moment to The Hollywood Reporter, confirming that yes, Trini is queer and during the movie she's working out what that means for her. "She hasn't fully figured it out yet".

The original Blue Ranger actor David Yost, who is openly gay, left the 1990s Power Rangers series after experiencing harassment over his sexual orientation.

About halfway through the film, the gang are discussing why Trini - the Yellow Ranger - is so grumpy. Too many superhero films are characterized by a sense of "macho" and sexuality with characters that help us identify in male and female terms.

There are superheros who have represented the LGBTQ community, but it's never been translated to the big screen.

While LGBTI representation is getting better in comic books, for example with Midnighter in DC and Iceman in Marvel receiving solo titles.

What do you think of the fact that the movie is including a LGBT character?

On the TV side of things, The CW's "Supergirl" introduced a lesbian storyline this season.

When Disney revealed LeFou from its live-action "Beauty and the Beast" would be its first gay character, many outlets said it was a poor representation because LeFou is a villainous sidekick.

"They really stepped up to the plate", Yost tells T.H.R about the new Rangers film.

Power Rangers comes roaring into theaters on Friday, March 24, 2017. Sure, it's dark and gritty, but that's not the only way the film is created to connect with 2017 audiences: it's also the first to feature an openly gay superhero.

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