New polls have mixed news for Trump

Cheryl Sanders
March 10, 2017

As Jewish organizations nationwide and in New Jersey have been receiving anti-Semitic threats, a majority of Americans think hatred and prejudice are on the rise since Donald Trump was elected president - and that the problem is "very serious" or "somewhat serious".

The Quinnipiac poll said U.S. voters were split over Trump's response to threats and acts of vandalism at Jewish cemeteries, with 37 percent who approve and 38 percent who disapprove.

According to a polling report by Quinnipiac University, Trump's approval rating has enjoyed a slight bounce from 38 percent on February 22 to 41 percent on Tuesday. Trump has a 55 percent favorable opinion among registered voters, compared to Clinton's 35 percent favorable opinion, the Washington Post reported on Wednesday.

The poll found widespread support for much of President Donald Trump's agenda despite the constant negative media reports. 88 percent of Democrats and 32 percent of Independents liked her last October, but the numbers have gone down to 74 percent and 25 percent, respectively.

The poll found a total of 77% of voters said prejudice against minority groups in the a "very serious" or "somewhat serious" problem.

39 percent of Republicans favor it. "Voters are less than confident with the new administration's response", pollster Tim Malloy said in a press release.

While 49 percent of American voters say President Trump's address to Congress was better than expected, 39 percent say it was as expected and 3 percent say it was worse than expected.

The poll was by calling voters on land lines and cell phones from March 2 - 6.

Disagreement is 86 - 10 percent among Democrats and 60 - 38 percent among independent voters.

Allegations of improper Russian influence on the president might also hurt Trump's approval rating.

On Trump's Supreme Court pick, far more think Congress should approve Neil Gorsuch to fill Justice Scalia's seat (48%) than say he should be defeated (31%).

While respondents tended to be split on Trump's policies (46 percent approved while 46 percent disapproved) and gave him high marks on leadership (55 percent approved and 41 percent disapproved), his temperament really brought him down.

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