'Mulan' Director Says Movie Will Be "Girly Martial Arts Extravaganza"

Carla Harmon
March 21, 2017

Yes, you read that right - it will be Mulan without "Reflection".

Director Niki Caro told Moviefone in an interview that the new update wasn't likely to include songs. And already, the likes of Dumbo, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Mulan, and The Lion King are being lined up to film in the next year or two.

"Guy became interested in doing a Disney movie and we talked a lot about it".

For whatever reason, live-action remakes of classic movies are seeing a massive rise in popularity recently. And if the development history of other Disney remakes is any indication, strong box office performances of musicals can pave the way for future musicals and make it easier for them to be green-lit.

Eschewing the method used for Beauty and the Beast, Mulan will be more in line with Cinderella and Maleficent, in that only the story, and not the musical component, will make it to the big screen.

As for Mulan, unlike Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast, the film isn't now planned as a musical adaptation, but a bit of a tougher, "fresh take on female empowerment" (that also has some appealing box office potential in the Chinese market).

The film is based on a script by Elizabeth Martin and Lauren Hynek that was rewritten by Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver. That should excite many fans of the original, but not bringing the music, at least in some form, would be a mistake. "And I can't wait", Caro added.

And Caro plans on getting some hands-on experience before taking to the directors chair.

Let me just say, as a rational adult, I completely understand why Disney wouldn't want songs in the Mulan remake, and as a whole I think it's a smart idea.

According to a recent piece in Vulture, Disney's live-action adaptation of Mulan "is not expected to prominently feature songs, though that could change".

Still, it's Caro's approach to the film that should interest you in how Mulan will be portrayed.

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