Microsoft Surface Book 2 to ditch 2-in-1 design

Yolanda Curtis
March 21, 2017

Unfortunately, for some reasons it never reached the expectations, as per the reports say, only 500,000 surface books were sold by the end of a year ago. The other thing Microsoft may do is lower the price of the Surface Book 2. All this is traditional for Microsoft when it is about to release a new product and wants to get the old stuff out of its warehouse. The current model of Surface Pro, aka the Surface Pro 4, is easily one of the most popular devices available in the 2-in-1 market.

The Galaxy Book from Samsung looks like it has the necessary elements to compete with Surface Pro 4 from a tech specs perspective, so let's take a look at how it compares with the current Surface tablet variants from Microsoft.

However it's not all change for the Surface Book 2, as the report claims that the new device will still sport a 13.5in display. After all, if there is something that could be improved about the Surface Book 2, it would be its overall design and price.

Unveiled at the Mobile World Congress last February, Porsche Design's Windows-powered laptop grabbed many people's attention with its ultra-stylish design that's reminiscent of the Surface Book. Hence, Microsoft Surface Book 2 launch could coincide with the Windows 10 launch.

Digitimes says that users will see what the software giant has planned for the Microsoft Surface Book 2 by the end of this month or April.

We are probably just a few weeks away from the release of Microsoft's upcoming Surface devices. It would expose Microsoft's confidence in itself for hardware as being paper thin. If Microsoft does something with pricing, it's easier to predict that they'll make the new Surface Book even more expensive. However, according to Taiwanese industry sources, Microsoft is going to shortly revamp the range, turn it into a simple clamshell design, and sell it cheaper.

While it's certainly an interesting development if true, we won't know what Microsoft is actually doing here until Panos Panay steps unto a stage to introduce the all-new Surface Book with a clam shell and spells out their notebook game plan. Those using abusive language or behavior will result in being blacklisted on Disqus.

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