Miami Marlins, MLB To Feature Cross-Promotion With 'Game Of Thrones'

Carla Harmon
March 2, 2017

HBO's "HBO Now" streaming service runs on MLB's BAMTech technology platform.

Due to more winter scenes in Season 7, the Game of Thrones production team held off on filming for two months to better coincide with nasty weather and chase whatever ice is left on the warming Earth.

Fans of the HBO hit show Game of Thrones know that Season 7 will begin sometime over the summer, through a firm date has yet to be released.

Other teams slotted to participate are the Arizona Diamondbacks, Boston Red Sox, Cincinnati Reds, Chicago White Sox, Houston Astros, Los Angeles Dodgers, Kansas City Royals, Milwaukee Brewers, Minnesota Twins, Oakland Athletics, Philadelphia Phillies, Pittsburgh Pirates, Seattle Mariners, San Francisco Giants, St. Louis Cardinals, Texas Rangers, Tampa Bay Rays and Washington Nationals.

And now Liam Cunningham, who plays Ser Davos, appears to have announced when the series will finally return. Cunningham, who would like to survive until the end of the show, tried to appease what were probably some very put out show runners and HBO executives with a tweet, insisting his "July" was mere speculation. Partnering with Game of Thrones is going to help the game reach millennials.

Garden says that baseball is already popular with young adults, but that's often overlooked because there's so much focus on TV ratings.

The deal works for MLB because GoT will introduce the new episodes in the middle of the baseball season.

In addition to letting us know that the Game of Thrones season premiere won't happen until July, Cunningham also said we'll be watching a much shorter season than we're used to.

Game of Thrones Season 7 partners with Major League Baseball.

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