Malaysia confirms airport murder victim was Kim Jong Nam

Cheryl Sanders
March 11, 2017

Malaysia has declined the request by the DPRK government to hand over the body, triggering a diplomatic row between the two countries.

Four of the seven North Korean suspects being sought by Malaysia are believed to have left the country the day Kim was killed.

Kim Han Sol pictured attending college in France in 2013.

South Korean intelligence officers say North Korean leader Kim Jong Un had issued standing orders for the elimination of his elder half-brother.

After identifying himself, Kim Han Sol showed his passport to the camera.

His father Kim Jong-nam was allegedly assassinated via the deadly chemical weapon VX nerve agent on February 13 in Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

The story Malaysia expels North Korean ambassador over Kim Jong-nam murder first appeared on The Sydney Morning Herald.

Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar said that they have fulfilled all the requirements in identifying the body as Kim Jong-nam's.

In a blog posting, Mr Najib said Malaysia would fall back on its experience dealing with crises such as the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia airlines flight MH370 where multiple countries were involved in the search, reported Reuters.

"The staff members are global civil servants and not representatives of their national government".

While Malaysia seeks a solution to the mutual hostage quandary, the USA and South Korea face off with a seemingly emboldened Kim Jong Un and his desire to send a message across the Pacific regarding his own military capacities - and his concern about the THAAD missile system being installed in South Korea.

The countries had unusually strong links for years, but ties have rapidly deteriorated since two women swiped the deadly VX nerve agent on Kim Jong-nam's face in Malaysia's budget terminal on Feb 13. However, China is more interested in maintaining political stability in North Korea, a buffer zone, than in taking away (North Korean) nuclear weapons.

"The government of North Korea has given a guarantee of safety", the Prime Minister wrote on Twitter yesterday.

The video was uploaded by Cheollima Civil Defense, an organization whose mission is to offer safe shelter to North Korean defectors.

On its website - registered only on Saturday - CCD said that it was protecting Kim Jong-Nam's family.

South Korea's spy agency verified him as Kim Jong-nam's son.

Mr Najib wrote a blog post on Friday, calling for unity as he tried to bring home those banned from leaving North Korea.

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