Game Freak Recruitment Has People Hoping for "Pokémon" on Switch

Yolanda Curtis
March 20, 2017

Both are looking for someone with experience working on the level of Wii U and PS Vita animation and modelling, especially on the Maya software.

"He also started directing main series Pokemon games starting with fire red and leaf green".

New job postings from Pokemon developer Game Freak, as translated by Kotaku's Brian Ashcraft, lends credence to reports from previous year that a new version of the most recent entries in the Pokemon franchise, Pokemon Sun and Moon, will be coming to the Switch under the title Pokemon Star.

The rumours have been circulating for a while, and this latest revelation may well be the best proof we have of a Nintendo Switch Pokemon game.

The project remains unspecified on the description, but it does go on to say that the work would entail producing models for characters, monsters, and items.

A Pokémon game for the Switch would be a huge deal, of course, and it would be intriguing to see the direction that Game Freak would go with it. Furthermore, it's stated to be "an RPG game that is popular on a global scale", which "just about anyone knows".

The job listings specify work will last until May 2018 at the latest, which would put a game release window around Holiday 2018 or early 2019.

We've been hearing rumors of a Pokemon Sun and Moon Switch port (codenamed Pokemon Stars) for months now, but nothing official has been announced. A brand new Pokemon game doesn't seem too unreasonable for that time frame, does it?

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