Democrats revisit Garland snub during Neil Gorsuch hearings

Cheryl Sanders
March 21, 2017

Committee chairman Chuck Grassley, an Iowa Republican, said he expects a committee vote on Gorsuch's nomination on April 3, which would allow the full Senate to take up the nomination that week.

"Senate Republicans made a big show past year about respecting the vote of the American people in this process", said Senate Patrick Leahy (D, Vermont).

"A native of Colorado, Neil has demonstrated tremendous intelligence, character and fairness while serving for more than a decade on the United States Court of of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit", wrote Elway, a Hall of Fame quarterback who spent the entirety of his 16-year playing career in Denver. We will hear many citations of the unanimous votes with which potential justices, including Gorsuch's role model Antonin Scalia, was confirmed back in those golden days before liberals ruined that great tradition in 1987 by keeping Robert Bork off the Court.

"I'm certain Judge Gorsuch will make Colorado proud, and that his opinions will have a positive impact on this country for generations to come", Gardner said". That freezing night was "not as cold as your dissent, Judge Gorsuch", Democratic Sen. In statements praising him after the nomination, key Republican lawmakers also highlighted what they called his close reading of text of the law.

"I want to see that this nominee disavows and in fact discards the litmus tests that Donald Trump has set, including that he overturn Roe v. Wade, that he be pro-gun, anti-gun violence prevention measures and that he be conservative", he said.

Monday marked the first day that senators have had the chance to publicly probe the Supreme Court nominee after more than a month of private meetings- Gorsuch laughed when dozens of cameras swarmed him and began furiously clicking as he took his seat.

The Constitution lays out the process in just a few words, saying the president shall nominate Supreme Court justices "by and with the advice and consent of the Senate".

In the broader realm, filling the seat left by the death of Scalia will ensure the high court keeps a shaky right-leaning majority.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) recounted Monday some of the policies of previous presidents that could have been wielded against Democratic Supreme Court nominees to show the hypocrisy of the questions being asked of President Trump's nominee, Judge Gorsuch.

"Despite all this, you are entitled to be judged on merits", Sen.

Contending that the high court should have judges whose thinking falls in line with more mainstream ideals, Warren argued that if Gorusch can't get 60 votes in the U.S. Senate, Trump should put forth a different nominee.

Gorsuch invoked his learning at the hand of Justice Anthony Kennedy, for whom Gorsuch clerked. But with only 52 Republicans in the Senate, Republicans could not break a Democrat filibuster, if there is one.

Gorsuch has met with 72 of the 100 senators in advance of his hearings.

"We're here today under very unusual circumstances", Sen. Gorsuch's appointment presents an opportunity for Democrats - who are in the minority in the House and the Senate - to flex their political muscle and attempt to block the pick.

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