ColorWare Gives iPhone 7 Plus Retro Apple Makeover

Yolanda Curtis
March 18, 2017

In spite of having the iconic logo of Apple, the vintage model of iPhone 7 Plus touts a multi-colored logo of the company. But isn't that ridiculously pricey?

As the image above shows, the Retro Edition features the same look as 1980s-era Mac desktops, including the creamy tan color, some dark faux vents running up the sides of the phone, and, of course, the classic rainbow-themed Apple logo.

"Painting the past is back!" explains ColorWare.

Here's Colorware on the new phone: "Colorware is pleased to announce the iPhone 7 Plus Retro Edition. Great attention to detail is given to this fully painted iPhone", notes the company.

Colorware is offering the unlocked variant of the iPhone 7 Plus and the on-board storage capacity of the variant is 256 GB.

If you're interested, they're being sold in limited numbers, with the first 25 getting a handwritten number of authenticity. The iPhone 7 Plus phone undergoes a long and intense process per the company to achieve the retro look. This is going to be the SIM-free model, so you will not be tied down to any carrier, but it will still cost you.

This is actually a good question - why is iPhone 7 Plus Retro Edition by ColorWare expensive? ColorWare's custom paint jobs have never been particularly cheap, and the retro styling is no exception. "Then, the product is buffed and reassembled", they explained. It's a price that's nearly on par with original Macintosh's $2,495 price tag went on sale in 1984.

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