Celebrate National Pi Day with your favorite pie

Cheryl Sanders
March 15, 2017

March 14th-or 3.14-is called Pi Day in honor of the Greek letter called "Pi", which is used in mathematics to represent the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter.

Acadian Slice is doing a pop-up pie shop at The Wurst Biergarten in downtown Lafayette for Pi Day.

Big Mario's Pizza in the Queen Anne neighborhood will be selling slices of pizza pie for $3.14 all day. Given that March 14 is also Albert Einstein's birthday makes the celebration extra special.

Blaze Pizza will let guests create their own pizza for $3.14. Tuesday is Pi Day. The participant who can rattle off the most digits of pi in 15 seconds gets free pie for life.

One cheesy deal (that starts early): Hungry Howie's is offering a $3.14 medium one-topping pizza with any purchase of Howie Bread.

Corporations get into the Pi Day spirit as well.

Papa Johns - Get a large or pan two-topping pizza for $9.99.

-Favorite types of pie in the U.S., ranked in order, are apple, pumpkin, chocolate cream, cherry and pecan.

It is one of Math teachers' favorite days and students celebrate by having Pi Day parties.

Though Pi Day celebrations are relatively new, the mathematical constant has been known to mankind for over 4,000 years.

Marie Callender's: If you have a sweet-tooth, this is the place to go on Pi Day.

Villa Italian Kitchen: Print the linked coupon or show it on your phone and you'll receive a full-size Neapolitan cheese pizza for $3.14 on Pi Day. This special is offered until 10pm tonight at both locations (3rd St and Pico Blvd).

Feel free to celebrate PI Day in an irrational way, since PI is an irrational number.

Pie Day is another one of those silly days that usually include deals.

At Madison High School that means an excuse to eat pie - and lots of it.

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