Anti-Trump billboard artist says she got death threats

Pablo Tucker
March 19, 2017

A provocative billboard depicting US President Donald Trump surrounded by mushroom clouds from nuclear explosions and dollar signs resembling Nazi swastikas has been erected in Phoenix, Arizona. Also, the president is wearing a Russian flag lapel. The work was commissioned by "Beatrice Moore, a longtime patron of the arts in Phoenix".

This isn't the first time Fiorito and Moore put up controversial billboard art. According to U.S. News & World Report, one side of the billboard has the word "Unity", on it. Fiorito included five hands spelling out the word in sign language.

She said she expected to receive negative reaction from Trump supporters and hoped everyone who contributed to placing the billboards were safe. The owner said it would remain up as long as Trump is president. The same artist and gallery were behind another controversial billboard in 2004 that targeted then-President George W. Bush. "Things have gotten a lot more escalated now", she said.

Karen Fiorito posted on her facebook page when billboard went up saying "Still awaiting the backlash, death threats and the like".

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