Sanders Can't Help But Call Trump 'Delusional'

Pablo Tucker
February 12, 2017

'While on FAKE NEWS @CNN, Bernie Sanders was cut off for using the term fake news to describe the network. That was the message from Trump in an early-morning Twitter take.

Soon after, CNN experienced technical difficulties but got Sanders back on the air after a commercial break.

Trump is referring to CNN's Erin Burnett's interview with Sanders, I-Vt., on february 10, a few days before his tweet.

Trump tweeted about the incident, saying CNN deliberately cut Sanders off. His tweet echoes a post on InfoWars, a website that pushes conspiracy theories.

Sanders was speaking to the network's Erin Burnett about alleged ties between the president and Vladimir Putin - as well as a New York Times report claiming national security adviser Michael Flynn discussed United States sanctions on Russian Federation with the country's ambassador prior to the Trump's inauguration.

In a press conference days before his January 20 inauguration, Trump refused to take questions from a CNN correspondent over the network's coverage of a so-called dossier that linked the president to Russian Federation.

There were no immediate response from the White House regarding Sander's comments. I haven't seen it. "I haven't seen that, I'll look at that".

Anchor Erin Burnett asked Sanders if he thought it was a "problem" that Trump was not familiar with the reports.

Oh yeah.and Sanders also thinks Trump is a "total hypocrite".

Burnett: "He says he knows nothing about it, hasn't seen any of these reports".

Maybe he was watching CNN fake news.

Burnett smiled and appeared to laugh as Sanders added, "It was a joke".

I don't know about that. "I'm saying, you don't buy what he said, obviously?"

"It looks like we've lost connection with Sen". Bernie Sanders for using the derogatory term during an interview Friday night. Elizabeth Warren of MA.

Not only is Sanders concerned with Trump's supposed state of delusion, but he's also anxious about Trump's lack of understanding of democracy and the U.S. Constitution.

CNN denied there was any retaliatory action for the "fake news" remark.

'Senator Sanders is back with me and I want to apologize to our viewers obviously for that technical issue. That's not what happened.

Trump gave the inaccurate impression that Sanders was booted for calling CNN "fake news".

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