Samsung Chromebook Plus Is Now Available in the US

Pablo Tucker
February 14, 2017

This time Google has pitched in a $20 Play Store credit when you set up your new Samsung Chromebook Plus.

Samsung Chromebook Plus is built for the Google Play Store so whether you want new entertainment, games, movies, music, and books, you can have easy access to all those things. Especially since it is only running Chrome and not a full operating system.

Last month at the Consumers Electronics Show 2017 in Las Vegas, Samsung introduced two new premium Chromebooks.

A Growing Threat to Windows, Mac? That's cheaper than MacBooks and many Windows laptops, but still high for Chromebooks.

Early reviews of pre-production models of the Chromebook Pro so far run the gamut from lukewarm (Engadget said the device offers "a lot of potential" but added the Android apps and touchscreen "aren't ready") to pretty good ("on the right track", according to Ars Technica) to effusive ("a almost flawless budget laptop", said Gizmodo). With its touchscreen and digital pen, the Chromebook Pro is moving in on Microsoft's Surface device territory, USA Today noted.

The Samsung Chromebook Plus is better than any other ordinary Chromebook not because it can already run Android apps.

Chromebooks have become a popular low-priced laptop option across the globe, providing formidable functionality at budget price points, and if you've been considering getting yourself a Chromebook, then Samsung's offering might be a tempting one.

Both new Chromebooks have 360-degree hinges so that the screens can flip over into a tablet mode. It comes with a 2 Ghz, hexa-core dual ARM processor. The availability of the latter has not been announced as of this time. We will update this page when retailers start to make it available.

There are many uses of its stylus.

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