Pokemon Go: Get Ready For Second Generation Pokemon

Yolanda Curtis
February 17, 2017

The new arrivals come from the Johto region of Pokémon Gold and Silver, so include creatures like Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile. The update is slated to bring along over 80 new Pokemon to the augmented-reality game, which Niantic will hope will bring back players who left Pokemon Go due to lack of fresh content. These seem to apply specifically to Johto region Pokemon, including Gen I Pokemon that can evolve into Gen II Pokemon, like Onyx and Scyther. There are hundreds of millions of potential players out there, and no reliable way of judging just how many were paying close enough attention to hit this update as soon as it went live. In addition, there are lots of changes made to the game such as avatar customization, new sweets and evolution.

According to Kotaku, the "Pokemon Go" February update has always been requested by the fans. There's also going to be a new, quicker way to select items. For instance, we are yet to learn as to what new gameplay mechanics and items will be added to the game.

A Niantic rep wouldn't say what "react in new ways" might mean. The Nanab Berry has the ability to slow a Pokemon's movement, which will make the capture easier for the trainers. Aside from this there is even more with new clothing options for even greater customization that can be used on the personal avatar in-game.

Chief among them, you can now easily access your different Poke Balls and berries right from the encounter screen.

The Nanab Berry will slow Pokemon's movements for an easier catch, while the Pinap Berry doubles the amount of sweets trainers receive when their next catch attempt is successful. With a little practice and quick hands, you will be a Pokemon Master in no time!

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