Matt LeBlanc eats a horse's willy in new series

Matt LeBlanc eats a horse's willy in new series

Carla Harmon
February 23, 2017

The 49-year-old also said he hopes the new series will be funnier than the last.

While filming in Kazakhstan, the former Friends star reportedly attempted to eat the "reproductive part", but he wasn't able to complete the task, according to Daily Mail.

Former Friends star LeBlanc and his sidekicks Rory Reid and Chris Harris look pretty perplexed to learn they must devour "delicacies" such as horse penis, sheep ears and a pig's face on their overseas vehicle adventures to Kazakhstan.

Despite never uttering a single world, The Stig has constantly remained one of Top Gear's most iconic features, and it's largely down to the extremely impressive driving skills and aura of mystery that the man in the white suit possesses.

"The weirdest thing I saw? I thought I was going to be sick".

Rory Reid, another fellow presenter said, "The strangest thing I ate was a pig's face. And brain. And ears".

But Matt continued to insist he and new co-hosts Chris Harris and Rory Reid are working really well as a threesome.

Each of the three presenters are set to receive equal screen time in the upcoming series, rather than focusing on one host in particular who has several sidekicks.

Ok, so I'm about to jump on a plane heading to London as BBC America has invited us for a tour around Top Gear's redesigned studio for season 24.

You take the three people, put them together in a room and say, "It's in your interest to get along" and everyone is open to getting along.

Even though they may not have hit it off immediately, LeBlanc said that the three of them are developing chemistry now.

However, Matt feels that the trio are close to finding the right balance, saying: "we are starting to click".

Would you be willing to eat disgusting animal parts on a TV show?

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