Immigration Sweeps Around Southern California Round Up Residents At Thier Homes

Cheryl Sanders
February 17, 2017

Meanwhile, Legal Aid attorneys said they had received around 50 calls Sunday to a new hotline established for immigrants frightened by the sweep.

Some of the immigrants arrested had ignored final orders of deportation, according to ICE, the agency responsible for immigrant arrests and deportations.

Immigrant rights advocates said the operations, which they describe as raids, were not business as usual, and were more sweeping than operations conducted during the administration of former Democratic President Barack Obama.

The ICE official also expressed some frustration with what they called "false reports" online, such as rumors that ICE had shut down a mall, or was in the process of establishing interior checkpoints.

Such reports, the statement said, "are unsafe and irresponsible". "These reports create panic and put communities and law enforcement personnel in unnecessary danger. Individuals who falsely report such activities are doing a disservice to those they claim to support".

Among the 51 criminal aliens rounded up by ICE agents on Thursday and Friday were 16 convicted criminals.

"The answer is clearly yes, there's a much bigger presence than the one that's been acknowledged by ICE", she said.

Around 1.4 million people signed up for Obama's amnesty - but Mr Trump is determined to overturn this, pledging a "zero tolerance" policy on illegal aliens during his election campaign.

Most of the immigrants are being held in the downtown Los Angeles processing center.

The Pew Research Center estimates the NY metro area holds more than 1.1 million illegal immigrants, the most of any metro area in the country, according to a February report. But her deportation to Nogales, Mexico, signals that the Trump administration plans to follow through with its plans to remove all undocumentedimmigrants who've committed "acts that constitute a chargeable offense"-which, as Vox's Dara Lind has pointed out, could include everything from entering the country illegally to driving without a license". The Atlanta office, which covers three states, arrested 200 people, Bryan Cox, a spokesman for the office, said.

The order indicates ICE should prioritize deporting undocumented people who have been convicted of a crime, who have been charged with but not convicted of a crime, have committed acts that constitute a crime but were not charged, have engaged in fraud or willful misrepresentation in official or government matters, have abused a government assistance program, who have been ordered to leave but have not left the USA, and anyone who immigration officials believe could pose a risk to public safety.

Those not being criminally prosecuted "will be processed for removal from the United States", federal officials said.

Asked how ICE determines whom to arrest, Gilman said: "There's no list of the 12 million people who are here undocumented. Those lists would be generated by the local San Antonio field office of ICE, looking at records of prior deportations and criminal records".

"They're secretive about who's being targeted. ICE must come clean", Schumer said. "But other people are getting picked up, and that's where you see the reluctance of the agency" to explain exactly who is being arrested, she said.

Reports of immigration sweeps this week sparked concern among immigration advocates and families, coming on the heels of President Donald Trump's executive order barring refugees and immigrants from seven majority-Muslim nations. She pleaded guilty to a felony charge, but the government during the Obama years declined to deport her despite her being in the country illegally.

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