Apple's Siri lets you be the LEGO Batman

Carla Harmon
February 17, 2017

With the world falling apart all around us, it's important to occasionally distract yourself from the chaos with lighthearted entertainment. Just open your conversation like Lego Batman would - by snarling "Hey, 'puter" or "Hey, computer" and Siri will start playing her part in response.

If you've seen "The Lego Batman Movie", you know that Batman's only friend - before Robin arrives - is the Bat-Computer he keeps in his Batcave. Siri will recognize the Lego Batman reference (it's how he addresses his digital assistant) and respond in kind. This is a result of the success of The LEGO Batman Movie which is a proving to be a grand success internationally. Like telling you that she's taken the liberty to microwave that lobster thermidor that the real Lego Batman almost nuked for 20 minutes. A lot of the film's emotional strength is reflected in its original songs, including the touching "I Found You", which features the cherubic Dick Grayson recounting the happiness he discovered in his adopted family.

Straight up advertisements in Siri would likely be met with derision, but clever tie-ins like these are harmless and fun. Before the launch of iPhone 7, Siri was trained to answer specific questions about the launch - although not about the phone itself, of course. On the other hand, if you do (and let's be honest, you do), it's a fun way to waste a couple of minutes.

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