After toxic foam clouds, Bellandur Lake catches fire for second time

Andrew Cummings
February 17, 2017

Bengaluru Bellandur lake fire: Karnataka's capital, Bengaluru is failing to learn from its mistakes as a part of the Bellandur lake caught fire for the third time due to the illegal dumping of debris in the lake. Even fire department personnel found themselves in a perplexing situation on Thursday evening after seeing dense smoke emerging from the middle of the lake.

According to Diana, the secretary of the residents' association in Sun City, "Some debris was being burnt near the lake".

This is not the first time that the toxic lake has caught fire. "The fumes have reached till Iblur flyover".

But this time the size of the fire was huge, which rolled out thick clouds of smoke causing a major hazard for those driving on the roads nearby.

The lake catching fire sends out a risky signal about the level of chemical waste being dumped into it. Though the Bengaluru Development Authority had taken up the initiative to restore the lake in January but no work has begun as yet. There is a lot of weed growth and in addition sewage and debris end up in the lake.

Citizens took to social media to put out videos and pictures of the lake on fire in a bid to convey their frustration with the government's inaction.

The sorry state of Bengaluru's water bodies makes headlines every few months, usually when the chemical froth from one of its many polluted lakes spills on to the roads, inconveniencing office-goers, or when the effluents burst into flames.

As per the reports from pollution control board authorities, methane build-up in the lake has impended for this raging fire.

The froth had formed due to chemical deposits from detergents and cleaners, which had flown into the lake from the sewage pipes.

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