Elon Musk Challenges Regulators To Catch Up to Tesla

Yolanda Curtis
October 24, 2016

As a show of the company's new self-driving capabilities, Tesla will send an Autopilot-enabled vehicle across the country, from Los Angeles to NY, sometime in 2017, according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

However, Tesla has begun equipping all its new vehicles as standard with the hardware, which includes a substantially increased and improved number of radars, sensors, and chips to make use of the massive amounts of data they will provide about the driving conditions and environment.

Every Tesla, including the upcoming Model 3 sedan, will ship with eight cameras and a dozen sensors to give them 360-degree visibility, according to the Palo Alto, California-based company. "You're sort of buying into the Tesla club. the Tesla cult, we'll call it".

Innovative US car-maker Tesla Motors has set a price of $8,000 for drivers who want to add self-driving technology to their vehicles. In fact, NVIDIA has been building up a leadership position in the sector of embedded high-performance components for autonomous self-driving cars for quite some time. Financial analysts have been lukewarm to Tesla's plans, noting the huge capital investment that would be required. As the new software is validated Tesla will beam it, with over-the-air software updates, to cars equipped with the new hardware.

Tesla will also offer new features for models equipped with Hardware 2, but customers with earlier models are out of luck because the current systems can not be upgraded to Hardware 2, according to Musk. Tesla revealed that Model S and Model X vehicles are now available for purchase with the new hardware already installed. "The most critical piece of the puzzle", says Harley, is car-to-car communication. However, the new hardware will temporarily be without collision warning, lane holding, automatic emergency braking, and active cruise control - features that are now available on Tesla's first-generation Autopilot hardware.

Tech titan Elon Musk accused reporters of "killing people" with their negative coverage of recent crashes by Tesla cars that were in autopilot mode.

Investing in research and development for new EV technologies such as autonomous driving is a smart decision on part of Tesla and is likely to reap rich dividends in the future.

The hardware to carry out the task will be in the cars already, but owners will have to pay an extra $8,000 to get early access to it so the vehicle will be ready right when autonomous driving is green lit or $10,000 later down the road or after the auto has been delivered.

The software to enable fully autonomous operation is still being tested, he said.

The Autopilot system of Tesla which was rolled out in the month of October previous year utilizes radar sensors, GPS, cameras, and ultrasonic sensors in order to allow a vehicle to change lanes, adjust speed, search for parking, and parallel park by itself.

In addition to offering a more compelling product than any of its competitors, Tesla seems to have a much better understanding of how to generate media buzz.

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