Donald Trump faces fresh charges from women

Cheryl Sanders
October 17, 2016

Zervos' attorney, Gloria Allred, in turn called Barry "a huge Trump supporter". Zervos, a former contestant on "The Apprentice" says Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump made unwanted sexual contact with her at a Beverly Hills hotel in 2007.

Earlier Saturday, Trump took to Twitter to warn that "100% fabricated and made-up charges, pushed strongly by the media and the Clinton Campaign, may poison the minds of the American Voter".

This follows Trump's claims at a rally in North Carolina yesterday that the "whole election is being rigged", adding that "the corrupt media is trying to do everything in their power to stop our movement".

Not even the country's more than two centuries of peaceful transitions of political leadership were sacrosanct as Trump accused the media and the Clinton campaign of conspiring against him to undermine a free and fair election.

The new batch showed that Hillary Clinton's campaign asked former President Bill Clinton to cancel a speech to an investment firm previous year because of concerns that the Clintons might appear to be too cozy with Wall Street just as she was about to announce her candidacy.

Members of the mainstream corporate news media are gloating at the political auto wreck that is Trump's presidential campaign in the aftermath of last week's "Pussygate" revelations. She escaped prosecution, Trump alleged, because of collusion between the Clintons and the Department of Justice.

The Department of Justice, acting on the Federal Bureau of Investigation recommendation, declined to press criminal charges against Clinton regarding the matter over the summer.

In another case made public on Friday, Kristin Anderson, now 46 and a photographer living in Southern California, told the Washington Post that Trump groped her at a crowded Manhattan nightspot during the 1990s.

Trump also hit out at Jessica Leeds, who told The New York Times that he groped and kissed her as they sat next to each other on a plane in the 1980s. Then, on October 7, the Washington Post unearthed a recording of Trump talking on an open microphone in 2005 about being able to "do anything" to women because of his fame.

Candelora, who has not endorsed Trump, said the billionaire businessman may help the state GOP.

The WikiLeaks release of emails stolen from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta's personal account showed aides having to convince the former first lady to persuade her husband to cancel the Wall Street speech ahead of her campaign rollout. "Who know?" he asked adding,"The Clinton campaign is pushing it".

Hillary Clinton speaks at the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

While Trump's poll numbers nationally and in swing states were dropping last week, the polling for GOP candidates who still back Trump, and those who withdrew their support, stayed much the same as they did before Trump's controversial remarks.

Trump also suggested that the allegations against him were so unfounded that "they could say it about anybody", including President Barack Obama.

News organizations have released video and audio tapes in which Donald Trump seems to be bragging about sexually assaulting women on multiple occasions. He has since apologized but also repeatedly dismissed his comments as "locker room talk". "The press can't write the kind of things they write, which are lies, lies, lies", Trump said.

Donald Trump's campaign is denouncing and severing ties with Ohio Republican Party Chairman Matt Borges.

Earlier, the Republican National Committee (RNC) announced that the party raised United States dollars 39.4 million in September and now has USD 56.6 million cash in hand.

The super PAC, which is focused on keeping the U.S. House in Republican hands, raised $31.3 million during the third-quarter of the year, boosted by $20 million from casino magnate Sheldon Adelson and his wife Miriam.

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