Obama cuts short the sentences of 111 federal inmates

Cheryl Sanders
August 30, 2016

President Obama commuted the sentences of 111 more federal inmates Tuesday, capping a month in which he's almost doubled the number of commutations granted during his presidency. He was given a life sentence in June of 2005 for intent to distribute cocaine and distribution of cocaine. Sentence Undone: A Life Lost to Drugs A Second Chance for Shauna Barry-Scott According to the White House, Obama has cut the federal sentences of more men and woman than the last 10 presidents combined, and the most since President Calvin Coolidge. Obama commuted his sentence to expire on August 30, 2018, on the condition Huddleston enrolls in a residential drug treatment program. "It is disproportionately young men of color that are being arrested at higher rates, charged and convicted at higher rates, and imprisoned for longer sentences". Tuesday's grant also follows 214 more earlier this month. Most will be released July 28. Eddie James Davis, from Bedford, was convicted in 2006 and sentenced to 20 years in prison for possession with intent to distribute cocaine base in the Northern District of OH federal court.

"They are individuals who received unduly harsh sentences under outdated laws for committing largely nonviolent drug crimes, for example, the 35 individuals whose life sentences were commuted today", White House Counsel Neil Eggleston said in a blog post Tuesday.

Derrick Lewis Bynum of Hyattsville was sentenced to 25 years in 2006 for conspiracy to distribute and possess with intent to distribute drugs, use of a communications device to facilitate narcotics trafficking and possession of a firearm.

Sentences for both Bynum and Holloway were commuted to end in December.

Eggleston says he expects Obama to continue granting commutations through the end of his administration, but only legislation can ensure the federal sentencing system operates more fairly. James Clinton Patterson, Jr.

His prison sentence was commuted to 20 years. The number of commutations that Obama granted in August, 325, is the largest number ever granted in a single month.

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