New Pokemon GO Update Fixes Pokeball Accuracy And More

Andrew Cummings
August 9, 2016

Release notes go into specifics on changes and additions introduced in the patch, and offers some commentary from the development team on experiments they're working on for future updates. A glitch that showed all Pokemon as three steps away destroyed its usefulness nearly entirely, then Niantic removed steps altogether in a great example of salting the earth on which something handsome once grew. It has a completely new arrangement now called Sightings.

Pokemon Go received an update which adds a couple of new features to the existing game.

There's indication yet on when the nearby feature might be introduced more widely, nor whether it will look anything like it now does in its beta form. Playing a video game while driving, or doing anything else that distracts you, is a bad idea. The newest Pokemon GO update changed the look of the "Nearby" panel, renaming it "Sightings" and changing the appearance slightly. Reports indicate that the Pokemon found using nearby are often within a block of a Pokestop. If you set off towards a Pokemon and it disappears, a new feature will notify you of what it's been replaced by, in order to avoid any unnecessary trips.

What's more, Police in Singapore made a public announcement towards all Pokemon catchers out there: they shouldn't play alone, on the streets, because they may put themselves in danger. It now actually shows you which Pokemon are in your general area, rather than showing you a random Charizard which isn't even there.

Although it's unclear how much battery this feature saved, the removal of it altogether caused havok to players phone batteries for a game already well-known for draining fully charged phones.

The craze for the newest gaming phenomenon, Pokemon Go, doesn't seem to fade anytime soon.

If you are an iOS device owner, let us know how you feel about the battery-saving feature finally making a return.

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