London Bridge concourse will 'transform travel through London'

Andrew Cummings
August 30, 2016

Once complete in 2018, the redevelopment will provide passengers with a bigger, better railway including a concourse the size of the pitch at Wembley.

To mark the opening of the concourse section, Mark Carne, Network Rail's chief executive, revealed that there were plans to transform more stations including London Euston, York, Leeds, and Manchester Piccadilly.

It's taken three years to build but a large part of London Bridge has now reopened to passengers.

He said there had been a "staggering" growth in passenger numbers on services that pass through the station of 5% to 6% every year. We're looking forward to the completion of the station in 2018, with its new track and signalling, allowing the return of a new and improved Thameslink service at London Bridge.

In addition to the station redevelopment, Network Rail is unravelling the track on the approaches to London Bridge station to reduce the time trains wait for platforms to clear and cut delays.

However major failures in delivery of the project, left passengers at times crushed against barriers as the station had to shut down access. It was originally called Thameslink 2000, but, after series of delays, the project is now expected to be completed in 2018.

The complete station redevelopment will open in January 2018.

Stian Reimers said: "Well this is impressive and actually looks like the CG images we've been tantalised with for years".

The work at London Bridge brought criticism for Network Rail due to the massive disruption it caused and a lack of contingency planning, with the national rail operator being fined £2m in 2015 for its poor performance.

The weekend saw the old bridge demolished at about 2.30pm on Saturday and a new one, which had been built on land nearby, is being gradually hoisted into place.

Sarah Samuel: "New London Bridge concourse is flippin' great - a much-needed improvement to overcrowded station". "Needs good station maps/graphics and more ticket machines".

The spokesman added: "The Victorian bridge had been damaged at times during its service, but the new structure is robust enough that, if it is hit by a vehicle, normal railway services will not be affected". And it is fabulous.

Matt W: "Insane labyrinth arranged to reach platforms at London Bridge today, stay away people!" We're really pleased that they'll now be able to start using and enjoying the new London Bridge station.

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