Internet thinks Trump Tower climber looks like S.A. native Jared Padalecki

Andrew Cummings
August 11, 2016

An unidentified man caused havoc in midtown Manhattan today when he attempted to climb up the side of Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue, resulting in news reports breaking in to pre-empt nightly news broadcasts to chronicle the man's attempt and subsequent apprehension by police.

Live television footage showed uniformed NY police officers reaching out and grabbing the young man with curly auburn hair - dressed in grey shorts, an olive T-shirt and white cap - some three hours after he started his ascent using five suction cups.

Actor Jared Padalecki may have plenty of action scenes on Supernatural, but climbing the Trump Tower using suction cups doesn't seem to be the kind of excitement he wants in on.

"I am an independent researcher seeking a private audience with you to discuss an important matter".

The man appeared to change his path at one point, shimmying sideways to avoid holes that police sawed into ventilation grates, where officers were leaning out.

NY billionaire Donald Trump was outside the city on Wednesday, holding a rally in Virginia with another event planned later in Florida.

A crowd of mesmerized onlookers watched the climber along with reporters and police, who cordoned off the block between Fifth and Madison Avenues.

Once in custody, the man went in peacefully but didn't have much to say once they got him inside, police said.

Responding officers yanked the man into the building around 6:35 p.m. after knocking out a full window pane on the 21st floor.

The tower is headquarters to the Republican presidential nominee's campaign and his business empire. He also lives there.

The climber, who wore a backpack, scaled the tower's glass exterior, shifting several times in what appeared to be an attempt to get around the police.

Members of the public are free to roam inside the atrium until 10 pm most days as part of an agreement that allowed Trump to build 20 stories higher.

Officers removed large window panels above him and several officers, some wearing helmets, stood at the windows. I'd peg the climber as season 8 Sam Winchester, LARPing with Charlie (Felicia Day) in Moondoor.

The climber's identity and motives were not clear yet, but a Youtube video posted on Tuesday showed a man resembling the climber said he was a supporter of Trump's campaign, Xinhua news agency reported.

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