India has huge potential for cloud services

India has huge potential for cloud services

Andrew Cummings
August 12, 2016

This new program allows global technology partners to enter China market through Alibaba Cloud's initiatives. AliLaunch now lists 11 technology partners from United States, Europe, Japan and Thailand, including SAP, SUSE and HERE. Among the firms included are SAP and HERE, the mapping system managed by a conglomerate of German vehicle manufacturers like Daimler.

"Selling into China is not easy".

It has cloud data centres in Singapore and the US.

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Yu made the remarks in an event on the sidelines of an event of the Alibaba Cloud Global, the subsidiary of Chinese e-commerce giant.

More importantly, "we can help them understand and comply with local security laws", Yu said.

The help offered by Alibaba would let companies overcome their problems that they face in entering the Chinese market.

"The AliLaunch program and global technology partners marketplace serve as platforms for making different software products accessible to businesses and organisations in China".

Sicheng Yu, general manager of Alibaba Cloud Global, said, "The AliLaunch program and Global Technology Partners Marketplace serve as the flawless platforms for making different software products accessible to businesses and organizations in China".

"We hold a very open attitude towards all external players in cloud space. We just want Alibaba cloud to be the one-stop shopping place which provides the most comprehensive options to customers", the executive said.

August 9, 2016 SAP and SUSE among technology partners to join Alibaba Cloud marketplaces Beijing, August 9, 2016 - Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group, today unveils its Global Marketplace and AliLaunch program for technology partners.

Founded in 2009, AliCloud operates the network that powers parent Alibaba's online and mobile e-commerce businesses, and supports the merchants and buyers on those platforms.

The partnership will also bring together industry developers to build a VR Cloud ecosystem, and extend "Viveport", HTC's VR app store to Alibaba Cloud's Cloud computing platform. But for Alibaba, it accounts for only 4 percent of total revenues. Alibaba Cloud showCASed how its AI technologies could be leveraged in different industries to help customers gain efficiency, monitor risks and minimize cost.

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