EastEnders: Aunt Babe KILLED in revenge attack?

Carla Harmon
August 9, 2016

Aunt Babe will be left for dead in a vicious revenge attack in EastEnders as one of her many enemies finally snaps.

Next up is Abi Branning who has been manipulated by Babe for months, telling her to pretend to be pregnant with Ben Mitchell's baby in an attempt to keep him but when she feels guilty for lying, Babe then gets her drunk and she sleeps with Lee Carter - who is engaged to pregnant Whitney Dean.

The plan massively backfired when Abi slept with Lee to conceive, the secret recently came out and Lee's girlfriend Whitney almost called off their engagement.

The residents of Albert Square will be in shock when Linda and Whitney discover an unconscious Babe in the Queen Vic in an episode that's due to be aired in the week starting August 15.

So who (tried to) kill Aunt Babe? Babe's arch-nemesis, Claudette, knows that Babe is the one who has been blackmailing Les.

Claudette had spent the entire episode persuading Vincent that she was a changed woman and that butter wouldn't melt but just moments after their reunion, that dark look came into her eyes as she realised what Babe was up to. Although we can't see Les going to the extremes of attacking Babe, we wouldn't put it past Pam as she has been particularly distressed after their unlucky sequence of events. Plus the Coker's are set to leave the Square soon, so could they flee after they attack? Although it would be out of character there's nothing soap-land loves more than a good plot twist.

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