Deep Fried Twinkies in Your Own Freezer

Deep Fried Twinkies in Your Own Freezer

Andrew Cummings
August 13, 2016

In this Wednesday, Aug. 3, 2016, photo, Associated Press reporter Anne D'Innocenzio arranges frozen, deep-fried Twinkies on a tray before baking in NY. Deep Fried Twinkies go on sale August 15.

John Pearson, senior buyer for frozen foods for Walmart U.S., wrote in a corporate blog how his company had co-designed the deep fried Twinkies with Hostess and that they "are so good they're worth the calories".

The deep-fried Twinkie is jumping from the state fair to the home freezer.

HOW IT'S MADE: A regular Twinkie is coated with a cake funnel batter and then proceeds through an oil bath to ensure the batter adheres.

Walmart started selling the prepackaged, frozen Hostess products on Thursday at some of its stores, and it plans to roll them out nationwide by August 16, according to a Walmart spokesman. The treats come in vanilla and chocolate and need to be finished in the oven or toaster oven before eating.

The new frozen item will set you back $4.76 for a box of seven, and each will add 220 calories to daily intake. After that, they will be available at other stores. Ellen Copaken, vice president of marketing at Hostess, says the treat could be marketed overseas. In comparison, a Starbucks Carmel Frappuccino has 420 calories, 15 grams of fat and 66 grams of sugar.

The Twinkies, covered in what Wal-Mart describes as "a funnel cake-like batter", are available in original flavor and chocolate and should be available in the company's more than 4,000 US stores by early next week. Last month, the company launched Key Slime Twinkies in conjunction with the new "Ghostbusters" movie.

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