Trump says he doesn't want and wouldn't accept Ted Cruz's endorsement

Henrietta Brewer
July 24, 2016

A member of the audience photographs Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as she speaks during a campaign event at the Florida State Fairgrounds Entertainment Hall, Friday, July 22, 2016, in Tampa, Fla.

Democrat Hillary Clinton, in a tweet, quickly echoed Cruz, saying, "Vote your conscience". "Death, destruction, terrorism and weakness".

Trump "humbly and gratefully" endorsed the Republican mantle before 2,000 raucous party activists in Cleveland, in a strikingly populist speech that offered a dark view of today's America.

"If he gives it, I will not accept it", Trump said of a possible late endorsement from Cruz.

In a contest that pits two politicians viewed as unfavorable by large segments of the American people, Trump also accused Clinton, 68, of being the puppet of big business, elite media and major donors who want to preserve the current political system.

He stuck to the controversial proposals of his primary campaign, including building a wall along the entire U.S. -Mexico border and suspending immigration from nations "compromised by terrorism". "My message is that things have to change - and they have to change right now", Trump said.

Trump made his entrance with patriotic music playing in the background and a crowd chanting "Trump, Trump" after his eldest daughter, Ivanka, introduced him.

"Heidi is a good person", Trump said, adding that the senator "has good intellect, but doesn't know how to use it".

"I didn't start anything with the wife", Trump told the crowd.

Unlike her eldest brother, Donald Jr., Ivanka Trump has been a registered Democrat in the past and was unable to vote for her father in the NY primary, although she has always pledged her total support to his candidacy.

"He will focus on making quality childcare affordable and accessible for all", she said.

Excerpts of the speech released by the Trump campaign showed clear echoes of Warren and Bernie Sanders, aiming at blue-collar voters who "have been neglected, ignored and abandoned". He said he will not sign "bad" trade agreements.

His speech comes a day after Senator Ted Cruz failed to back him. "He's a fraud, he's a self-centered liar and should be disqualified from ever being considered as a nominee for President of the United States in the future", King said in an interview with CNN.

Leading Republicans and world leaders reacted swiftly Thursday after the comments were published. He has attracted millions of voters by pledging to toughen USA immigration laws and renegotiate global trade agreements.

"We will stop it", Trump said.

Yet he said he could never endorse the billionaire businessman after Trump attacked his wife and suggested Cruz's father was involved in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Trump also said that the National Enquirer, which published the freaky and totally unsubstantiated story about Rafael Cruz and Oswald, should win a Pulitzer Prize. Like many others present, she wasn't so much pro-Trump as anti-Clinton.

The announcement of Clinton's pick could come as early as Friday in Florida, a crucial general election battleground state.

Republicans have used their convention to rally loyalists, but fissures have persisted after a brutal primary battle in which Trump defeated 16 rivals.

Jalonick reported from Washington.

Later, he said: "I have joined the political arena so that the powerful can no longer beat up on people that cannot defend themselves".

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