Lindsay Lohan reveals she's preggers - then caught smoking!

Henrietta Brewer
July 29, 2016

"I'm heartbroken for her. She was on the phone with me when she was going through it. She was frantic, she was in a bad position and I wanted to get her to a safe place and get her help."
However, the news itself was troubling to Lindsay's father.

In her latest post on Instagram, Lindsay told her fans she is OK and apologized for the outburst. News on Tuesday, "If she's pregnant I find it hard to believe she'd end it so quickly without giving Egor a chance to go to rehab and redeem himself". She was really ready to settle down and start a family. "I don't think she'd be that quick to call it off, especially if she was pregnant".

Lindsay Lohan & Egor Tarabasov

However, when contacted by, her rep wasn't so forthcoming, saying: 'I can not confirm her pregnancy'.

One of the messages posted online by the redhead suggested that while Egor Tarabasov is cheating her with other women, she is pregnant and staying at home.

Her claims Egor was trying to strangle her were heard by neighbours and resulted in police kicking down her London pad's door to check she was safe.

The "Mean Girls" star wrote on Instagram: "Dear friends". #ATM I am taking time for myself with good friends. They both want to work things out'. "I don't know where it turned but maybe he put on his best face for me when he met me".

After the tumultuous argument, the 30-year-old actress continued the feud on social media.

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